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Matt Sanes

Professional Poker Coach

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About Matt Sanes

Matt has coached both live and online players at stakes as high as $10/$20NL and as low as $.10/ $.20 since 2013. This allows him to have a unique understanding of the way players think and act on a variety of stake levels. He has been a cash game grinder for almost a decade. After graduating with a degree in business and working as an investment advisor, his love of the game inspired him to dedicate his time to his coaching service Grind or Die. He is well respected in the coaching community for his ability to boil down advanced tactical concepts and strategies in such a manner that makes them easy to understand. His knowledge is derived from extensive study, practice and from coaching the top pros in the industry.

Matt Sane's Hand-Packs™

Winning with JJ Cash Games

Winning with JJ Cash Games

In this handpack, cash game coach and specialist Matthew Sands will walk you through 13 challenging pocket jack hands. Integrated into the hand analysis are some of the latest tactical strategies and concepts – many of which have not been covered in previous Insta Poker Coach hand-packs.