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New Hand-Pack: Matt Berkey’s “The Playbook: Tackling The Limp”

Tackling The Limp

Recently released in the Insta Poker iOS app is a new Hand-Pack™ from poker coach Matt Berkey titled “The Playbook: Tackling The Limp.” This new Hand-Pack™, the fourth installment of The Playbook series, includes 25 hands that challenge you playing against recreational players who may shy away from aggression and prefer what they wrongly believe is a “safer” passive play. Learn how to exploit … Continue reading

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Download the WPT Poker Trainer App for Your iPhone, iPod or iPad

WPT Poker Trainer

The World Poker Tour has recently launched the WPT Poker Trainer app in the App Store for all you Insta Poker fans to enjoy.  Just like Insta Poker, the WPT Poker Trainer app brings real hands and lessons created by the professional instructors at WPT Boot Camp to help you learn poker strategy and improve your poker skills. Download WPT Poker … Continue reading

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