New Hand-Pack: Matt Berkey’s “The Playbook: Tackling The Limp”

Recently released in the Insta Poker iOS app is a new Hand-Pack™ from poker coach Matt Berkey titled “The Playbook: Tackling The Limp.”

This new Hand-Pack™, the fourth installment of The Playbook series, includes 25 hands that challenge you playing against recreational players who may shy away from aggression and prefer what they wrongly believe is a “safer” passive play. Learn how to exploit chronic limpers and when to open limp, limp behind a previous limper, or attack a limper with a raise. Strengthen your postflop skills in multi-way flops, often occur in this dynamic. See how to adjust your game according to different stack-to-pot ratios against various recreational characters.

It’s your move. Download Insta Poker now and learn how to master every move like a pro.

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