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New Hand-Pack: Matt Berkey’s “Coach’s Corner: Forward Thinking”


Coming later this week via the Insta Poker iOS app is a new Hand-Pack™ from poker coach Matt Berkey titled “Coach’s Corner: Forward Thinking.” The new Hand-Pack™ includes five hands that highlight mistakes often made by poker players due to a lack of forward thinking. All players are guilty of falling into cruise control when hand strength and position appear … Continue reading

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Master the Heads-Up Mind Game with Jonathan Little’s New Hand-Pack


Heads-up play in a poker tournament is the ultimate mind game of deception and control, and the last hurdle to claiming victory and the winners’ payout. Insta Poker coach Jonathan Little‘s newest Hand-Pack™ – available now as an In-App Purchase – aims to teach poker players how to negotiate that final face-to-face showdown and adopt the mindset that will ultimately … Continue reading

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Insta Poker Coach Matt Berkey on Poker Mindset and Hand-Pack Forum


Today, Insta Poker coach Matt Berkey took to his blog to talk about the mindset behind being successful at poker and how the true innovators never stop learning and adapting to the way the game and those who play it have evolved since the “Moneymaker Effect” took poker from backrooms to living rooms. To that end, he discusses his desire … Continue reading

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