Insta Poker Updates With Free ‘Hand of The Week’ and New Features

Later this week, Insta Poker – the addictive new iOS poker strategy app – will receive a new update that will include more free content for players as well as a new feature to help players keep up with new and added content.

A new “Hand of the Week” Hand-Pack™ is available to all players who enable the new push notification feature and will debut with a hand from Insta Poker pro Dan O’Brien. The Hand-Pack™ will then be updated weekly with a new hand.

In addition, a new Hand-Pack™ will also become available for all users when the update hits the App Store. Jonathan Little’s “Fast Tournaments: Final Table Winning Strategies” follows the two-time WPT Champion through 23 final table hands, starting as the chip leader and navigating to a heads-up match all while learning how to abuse mid-stacked opponents, deal with short-stacked all-ins and picking up the blinds with no contest.

It’s your move. Download Insta Poker now and learn how to master every move like a pro.

UPDATE: Prior to the holiday weekend, we added a “Restore” button that restores previously purchased Hand-Packs™ to a new installation of the Insta Poker app. We’re expecting final approval from Apple as early as this week and hopefully no later than next week.

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