Digging into Insta Poker Hand-Packs: Jonathan Little’s “Winning the Final Table”

In this series of posts, we’ll take a deeper look at the Hands-Packs™ offered inside the Insta Poker iOS poker strategy app and show you what you can expect to learn from each set of hands.

You already learned how to get to the final table with a big stack in Jonathan Little’s first Hand-Pack™ “Fast Tournaments: Reaching the Final Table With a Big Stack.” In his latest Hand-Pack™, Jonathan walks you through what to do now that you’re there.

Here’s the official Hand-Pack™ description:

Fast Tournaments: Winning the Final Table

This Hand Pack includes a collection of 23 final table hands. First hand starts when 9 players are left out of about 280 in a live tournament starting with 3,000 chips. The payouts are deep, with first place getting most of the money. Follow Jonathan, who starts as the chip leader, navigating all the way to face one opponent in a heads-up match. Learn the pro’s strategies such as how to abuse mid stacked opponents, how to deal with short stacked all-ins, and how to pick up the limps and the blinds with no contest. Discover how the pros continuously accumulate chips while minimizing the risk of elimination.

Here’s a deeper look:

The first hand of this 23-hand Hand-Pack™ starts with the user in the chip lead at the nine-person final table of a small buy-in live event. The Hand-Pack™ dives straight into the action and tackles a lot of different situations, bet types and odds calculations.

Users learn how to play against limpers out of position with a decent starting hand and how to get the most action as possible when waking up with a big hand on the button. From there, the table progresses and the situations get more and more specific, like what to do with a junk hand in the small blind when all the action has folded to you and how to play a medium hand in middle position. While the concepts sound complex, Jonathan walks the user through each hand with clear and concise tips and shows how his advice on each example hand can be applied to a range of situations.

When heads-up play arrives, Jonathan teaches users how to switch gears and adjust to the different style of play needed to be successful in that situation. From the art of stealing the blinds to preflop raising, Jonathan coaches users through the final hands of the tournament, giving them the tools to bring the victory home.

It’s your move. Download Insta Poker now and learn how to master every move like a pro.

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