New Hand-Pack: Matt Berkey’s “Coach’s Corner: Forward Thinking”

Coming later this week via the Insta Poker iOS app is a new Hand-Pack™ from poker coach Matt Berkey titled “Coach’s Corner: Forward Thinking.”

The new Hand-Pack™ includes five hands that highlight mistakes often made by poker players due to a lack of forward thinking. All players are guilty of falling into cruise control when hand strength and position appear to dictate a standard play.

Throughout the Hand-Pack™ players will learn how formulating a plan can make decisions easier and more profitable and how sometimes standard plays may lead to awkward spots the expert would usually avoid.

Players will need 150 ProCoins to unlock the Hand-Pack™ but will get back 60 if they score the maximum number of points available.

It’s your move. Download Insta Poker now and learn how to master every move like a pro.

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