Insta Poker Coach Matt Berkey on Poker Mindset and Hand-Pack Forum

Today, Insta Poker coach Matt Berkey took to his blog to talk about the mindset behind being successful at poker and how the true innovators never stop learning and adapting to the way the game and those who play it have evolved since the “Moneymaker Effect” took poker from backrooms to living rooms.

To that end, he discusses his desire to work with Insta Poker as a coach and to release his series of Hand-Packs™ as a collective body of work called “The Playbook” and how to start conversation with the Hand-Packs™ and continue it beyond his detailed strategy explanations in the app onto his blog:

The first major hurdle I aim to overcome is clearing up any uncertainties resulting from my writing style. I’ve received constructive criticism that my explanations tend to be convoluted to those not all that familiar with poker vernacular. I felt blogging would be perfect to further define the content as well as the language in each pack. Furthermore, I plan to address the desire for more free content by releasing a free pack each month which I will dissect both on Insta Poker, as well as in the correlating blog. Finally, I wanted an outlet where the debate can begin where the packs left off. Consider the comment box an open forum where any questions, thoughts, criticisms or general arguments can be posed.

So, play Matt’s Hand-Packs™ on the Insta Poker app and then head over to his blog to engage him about his analysis and for further strategy discussion.

We’re Wired Wrong – Matt Berkey

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