Insta Poker Pros Out in Force for Day 2A/B of 2012 WSOP

With Day 2A/B underway here at the 2012 World Series of Poker, Team Insta Poker is out in force with Dan O’Brien, Huck Seed and Matt Berkey all out in the field and all seated in the Brasilia room here at the Rio. In fact, Huck and Dan were placed just two seats away from each other at the same table to start the day.

They will all be putting their poker experience and well-honed poker strategies to use in an effort to claim the monstrous $8.5 million first-place prize that is up for grabs for the player who can successfully navigate this field of 6,598 players.

As the 1996 WSOP Main Event champion, Huck knows what it takes to do just that and imparts that wisdom in his Insta Poker Hand-Pack™ ”Advanced No Limit Concepts” that he co-authored with poker pro and author Konstantin Othmer. Dan is also no stranger to large field poker tournaments, having racked up almost $1.5 million in tournament earnings and a handful of deep runs in major events. One of those was at the 2012 WPT LA Poker Classic and Dan walks players through major hands from that event in his “Mashing Main Events: 2012 WPT LA Poker Classic” Hand-Pack™. Matt’s Hand-Pack™, “The Playbook: Premium Hands,” is focused on teaching players how to make the most out of big starting hands, advice he seems to be taking to heart as he’s already been raking in the chips (see photo evidence below).

All of these Hand-Packs™ are available now within the Insta Poker app for iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. The app is available for free in the App Store and includes a set of free hands to play through to get a feel for how this addictive poker strategy game works. So, download Insta Poker now and start learning directly from the pros.

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