New Matt Berkey Insta Poker Hand-Pack “The Playbook: Trouble Hands” Now Available

Written by poker pro Matt Berkey, the new Insta Poker Hand-Pack™ “The Playbook: Trouble Hands” is now available in all installed iOS apps and includes 26 hands that demonstrate just how much value can be gained by expanding the range of starting hands beyond premium holdings.

In this second Hand-Pack of The Playbook series, the focus shifts from premium holdings to the broader part of a player’s range, or what was previously thought of as trouble hands. This range, consisting of broadway holdings (KQ-KT, QJ, JT, etc.), Medium pairs (77-JJ), unsuited AT-AQ, as well as suited Ace x, was deemed unplayable due to the tight nature of the weak players in games. However, as game dynamics change and drift further toward the loose aggressive side, so too does the range of profitable hands.

Many players let the fear of the post flop play with a marginal holding prevent them from gaining full value. Ironically, because of their apprehension too often they end up playing in a way in which all they can do is win the minimum with the best of it or lose the maximum with the worst of it. A common example being a tight player who opens the action for an uncommonly large raise, and upon stealing the blinds, he tables JJ and is thrilled to avoid a confrontation.

The Playbook shines a spotlight on common fears and mistakes made by novice players at all levels.

It’s your move. Download Insta Poker now and learn how to master every move like a pro.

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