Insta Poker App Receives 5-Star Reviews from Around the World

With Insta Poker hitting the Top 100 Chart for Casino Games in App Stores worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland, poker players from all over the world have continued to weigh in on Insta Poker on the App Store, giving the new poker strategy app 5 star ratings and glowing reviews. See a selection of those below:

A Thinking Poker App – I enjoy how this app gives me a “train of thought” to follow; not just stats.
- Canadian App Store review

Best poker app ainec [and it's not even close]! – The way the app works makes it the most fun way to learn poker. This is the next level. Add more packs please!
- UK App Store review

Who the hell wants to carry a book around anymore? – Insta Poker is the only poker application that teaches you to think like the pros. Table scenarios are designed by top players and their reasoning is all built in.
- US App Store Review

The reviews continue in much the same way, garnering Insta Poker a 4.5 out of 5 stars average rating in the highly competitive poker and gaming categories in the App Store. Here are some more reviews typical of what can be seen on the App Store:

Great App – You will luv this app, it’s very informative for learning every aspect of no limit poker, it explains every game play. Keep this app going, with this much info you can’t help but be the best.

Love It – This is a great way to learn how and why to play a hand in different situations. Perfect for someone that doesn’t have a group of poker players to talk poker with.

Great way to get better at hold’em – Love it. Answers the question every amateur player asks himself so many times — what would so and so have done in my place?

Really helped my game – This is a learning tool, not a competition against others. I love the commentary. It not only showed me the range of subjects that the Pros know to look for but describes the full logic and their reasoning behind each action. I learn by doing and this is perfect. You get to pick your play and then the commentary pops up.

Have you played Insta Poker? How do you like it? If you have, we’d love to hear your feedback (either way) so head over to the App Store and leave us a review giving your thoughts on Insta Poker. If you haven’t, then go and download Insta Poker now. It’s your move, learn how to master them all like a pro.

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