Digging into Insta Poker Hand-Packs: Dan O’Brien’s “Beating Cash Games”

In this series of posts, we’ll take a deeper look at the Hands-Packs™ offered inside the Insta Poker iOS poker strategy app and show you what you can expect to learn from each set of hands.

Here’s the official Hand-Pack™ description:

This Hand-Pack includes 14 hands illustrating key concepts necessary to win in low-limit cash games. Not only will you learn the correct plays to make, but you’ll get to see the reasons and thought processes behind each move. Some of the hands are straight-forward but some require deep thinking and tradeoffs that even pros may argue about playing optimally.

Here’s a deeper look:

The first few hands run you through a set of scenarios as if you were sitting at your “Kitchen Table” with your buddies at a relatively low stakes $1/$2 game, showing you how to get maximum value for marginal hands, how to stop those buddies from getting cheap flops (you are there to win money after all), building the pot size with premium hands at those low stakes and knowing how to read the table and fold questionable starting hands.

The next set of hands moves you into the Aria Casino poker room for a $2/$4 game where the stacks are a little deeper than they were in your kitchen. Dan immediately shows how the same kind of starting hands can be played differently depending on the type of game and how deep the stacks are. He also demonstrates how to build big pots while playing position on a draw, how to play medium pairs in position and how to recognize a bad spot, even with a good hand, and get out cheaply.

From there, the stacks increase dramatically at the same stakes to 500 big blinds for a truly deep stack cash game lesson. Dan dives into expressed odds and implied odds and how to use those to control pot size, and how to build the pot pre-flop to create maximum value if a hand hits, without over-committing if it doesn’t. He also takes a look at using marginal hands to get creative and find value that 99% of players will usually miss.

From the kitchen table to the casino table and from short stack to deep stack, this Hand-Pack™ is designed to take your game to the next level and Dan O’Brien has the experience to make that happen. It’s your move. Download Insta Poker now and learn how to master every move like a pro.

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