Insta Poker Strategy Game Reveals How Antonio Esfandiari Won $18.3M

Available today, Insta Poker‘s newest Hand-Pack™ “2012 WSOP $1M BUY-IN: Winning $18.3M” gives poker players the rare chance to get inside the mind of the game’s all-time leading money winner, Antonio Esfandiari, as he coaches them through the hands that won him the 2012 WSOP $1 million buy-in “Big One for One Drop” poker tournament and its historic $18.3 million victory. The Hand-Pack™ costs $6.99 and can be downloaded now directly from within the Insta Poker app.

Along with playing actual hands from the final table of the tournament, the Hand-Pack has Esfandiari coaching you through his thought process, move by move, as he faced down the world’s best players, like 12-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, high-stakes UK pro Sam Trickett, online ace Brian Rast and poker-loving billionaire businessman Guy Laliberte of Cirque du Soleil. Esfandiari reveals how he adjusted his play for each situation and opponent with instant feedback after every move you make.

Make the right move and you’re be rewarded points along with his reasoning why that was the best decision. Make the wrong move, and you don’t earn any points, but you do receive valuable insight from Esfandiari on why it was a poor decision. The result is that with each move you make, from pre-flop to the river, you will become a better player as you learn from your mistakes.

As you progress through the Hand-Pack, Antonio reveals how his strategy was very circumstantial and based on his reads of his opponents’ mindsets. Even observations like who was talking to who during breaks and knowing which professionals coached which opponents helped Antonio to victory.

Like all Insta Poker Hand-Packs, Antonio is your personal poker coach throughout the game, teaching you strategy and providing advice and tips that are as applicable to casual, amateur players as they are to those playing at the highest stakes.

It’s your move. Download Insta Poker now and learn how to master every move like a pro.

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