Insta Poker Updates: Jonathan Little’s “European Tour” and a “Surprise Hand”

Available now, Insta Poker‘s newest Hand-Pack™, “European Tour: Critical Hands from Major Tournaments” by Jonathan Little lets poker players get a glimpse into his  recent poker tournaments in Europe.

This Hand-Pack contains 22 critical hands from Jonathan Little’s recent trip to Europe, where he competed in several major poker tournaments. Every tournament has those few crucial hands, the ones that you look back on and replay in your head, over and over, long after the tournament has ended. They may include your bust-out hand, a timely double-up, or just a very marginal spot. Either way, they shaped the course of your tournament. This pack will take you through those key hands from several tournaments that Jonathan played in Europe. With your stack at risk in every hand of a no-limit tournament, you must plan ahead to figure out when it is best to build a large pot, and when you are better off preserving valuable chips. This pack helps you see the difference.

Insta Poker players will also notice a new hand they can play in the store, for free! “Surprise Hand” is a new feature where every so often one of our pros releases a surprise educational hand for you to enjoy for free! Be sure to check back often for a brand new hand.

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