Two New Hand-Packs: The Playbook Challenge and The Challenge Revealed

Matt Berkey recently put out two new Hand-Packs™ to add to your collection, “The Playbook Challenge” and “The Playbook Challenge Revealed.  These two packs take you through 12 hands from a no-limit cash game.

In “The Playbook Challenge, the usual in-depth analysis from our professionals is deliberately left out. This is a great way to test and evaluate your game. Find out if you have mastered the poker concepts covered in all the previous ‘Playbook’ Hand-Packs™.

Complete “The Playbook Challenge” with a passing grade (75/108) and receive a 60% discount on a 45-minute coaching lesson from the Playbook author, Matt Berkey. To redeem the discounted rate contact Matt at with a screenshot of your Challenge score.

In “The Playbook Challenge Revealed, Matt takes you through the same 12 hands, only this time he provides his usual in-depth analysis for each decision. Find out if your thought process is in line with that of the pros, and get an incredibly useful evaluation of your play. See which parts of your game are strong, and which could use some more work.

Try them both out today! Only in the Insta Poker store.

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