Insta Poker Garners Glowing Reviews From Poker Players

The glowing reviews for the addictive new poker strategy game Insta Poker keep coming in via Facebook, Twitter and the App Store. From everyday grinders to some of poker’s biggest names, players are raving about the way the iOS app teaches poker strategy by giving instant feedback from pros while rewarding players for making the right decision and not necessarily winning a hand. The reward comes in the form of ProCoins – 1 to 3 ProCoins depending on the decision made – which can be collected and used to purchase more Hand-Packs.

Here are some of the reviews:

App Store Reviews:

“Awesome!” by PuzzleBlaster
Finally a Poker app that I can really learn from.

“The only app to better your game!” by Pfall
Insta Poker is the only poker application that teaches you to think like the pros. Table scenarios are designed by top players and their reasoning is all built in.

“Best way to get better in holdem” by Brianfrst24
Great app. Like getting private coaching.

Twitter mentions:

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