Five Most Popular Insta Poker Hand-Packs of the Week

Insta Poker Hand-Packs give poker players the chance to hone different aspects of their poker game, from the fundamentals to more advanced strategies, such as deep stack play in a major poker tournament. With the selection of Hand-Packs already spanning a wide range of playing styles and situations, and many more on the way, here are the most popular Hand-Packs from the past week:

1. Beating Cash Games: Pro Strategies for Rec Players by Daniel O’Brien

This Hand-Pack includes 14 hands illustrating key concepts necessary to win in low-limit cash games. Not only will you learn the correct plays to make, but you’ll get to see the reasons and thought processes behind each move. Some of the hands are straight-forward but some require deep thinking and tradeoffs that even pros may argue about playing optimally.

2. The Playbook: Premium Hands by Matt Berkey

This Hand-Pack includes 15 premium starting hands. Learn how to maximize the value of premium hands and minimize the risk of going broke. Optimize your game in different positions, against opponents having various styles and facing a variety of board textures. See how aggression can actually save you from disasters.

3. No-Limit Holdem Fundamentals by Konstantin Othmer

This introductory Hand-Pack includes 8 hands illustrating key concepts in making good poker decisions. Learn the basics of how to maximize a hand’s value and minimize potential losses. Review poker terminology. Get acquainted with the concepts of expressed odds, implied odds, fold equity and combinatorial hand range analysis. Highly recommended for casual players before buying more advanced Hand-Packs.

4. Fast Tournaments: Reaching the Final Table With a Big Stack by Jonathan Little

Optimize your game in fast tournaments where blinds are increasing fairly often. Learn how to modify your strategy as stack sizes fluctuate, as the tournament rapidly progresses, and as opponents quickly come and go. This Hand-Pack™ will teach you how to get to the final table with a large stack, giving you a great shot to win, instead of making it as a short stack, with a good chance of blinding off.

5. Mashing Main Events: WPT LA Poker Classic by Daniel O’Brien

This 15 hand Hand-Pack takes you through critical hands played in the 2012 WPT LA Poker Classic with in depth analysis into key decisions. We go through three days of the event, from early to middle tournament stages, experiencing increasing blind levels, pre and post-ante play, and deep and short stack decision making. We play a number of hands from day two, sitting at the live featured table with some of the top pros including Jason Mercier, Erick Lindgren, and Matt Berkey. You’ll get to experience the situations first hand, and not only learn all the right moves, but learn why every move is made so you can incorporate high-level poker thinking into all aspects of your game. A must have if you want to start thinking like the pros!

It’s your move. Download Insta Poker now and learn how to master every move like a pro.

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