Insta Poker Hits Top 100 in App Stores Worldwide

It’s not just the 2012 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas that has the attention of the poker universe right now. Insta Poker, the addictive new poker strategy game that rewards you for making the right play regardless of outcome, is also drawing considerable interest from players across the world. Launched this month, Insta Poker has quickly made its way onto the Top 100 Chart for Casino Games in App Stores worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland.

Receiving rave reviews from players for being “addictive,” “impressive” and “just genius,” Insta Poker challenges you to make the right move every time and rewards you with in-app currency, called ProCoins, for making quality decisions, even if you don’t win the hand. As you earn ProCoins for quality play, you can redeem them to unlock “Bonus Packs.”

In addition to ProCoins, you also receive valuable feedback after each move from world-class poker pros, including Antonio Esfandiari, Huck Seed, Daniel O’Brien, Jonathan Little, Amir Lehavot and Matt Berkey. It’s like getting inside the head of your favorite pro, learning the decision-making process that leads them to one final table after another.

Insta Poker is available for free on the App Store and currently offers the following Hand-Packs™:

  • “No-Limit Hold’em Strategies” by Matt Berkey and Daniel O’Brien (Free introductory lesson)
  • “Main Events: WPT LA Poker Classic” by Daniel O’Brien
  • “Beating Cash Games: Pro Strategies for Recreational Players” by Daniel O’Brien
  • “The Playbook: Premium Hands” by Matt Berkey
  • “The Magician’s Secrets for Winning Tournaments” by Antonio Esfandiari
  • “Advanced No Limit Concepts” by Huck Seed and Konstantin Othmer
  • “Fast Tournaments: Reaching the Final Table With a Big Stack” by Jonathan Little
  • “Amir’s WSOP Main Event” by Amir Lehavot
  • “No-Limit Hold’em Fundamentals” by Konstantin Othmer

Download Insta Poker now and find out why this new app has become so popular all over the world.

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