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Download the WPT Poker Trainer App for Your iPhone, iPod or iPad

WPT Poker Trainer

The World Poker Tour has recently launched the WPT Poker Trainer app in the App Store for all you Insta Poker fans to enjoy.  Just like Insta Poker, the WPT Poker Trainer app brings real hands and lessons created by the professional instructors at WPT Boot Camp to help you learn poker strategy and improve your poker skills. Download WPT Poker … Continue reading

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New Hand-Pack: Matt Berkey’s “Coach’s Corner: Forward Thinking”


Coming later this week via the Insta Poker iOS app is a new Hand-Pack™ from poker coach Matt Berkey titled “Coach’s Corner: Forward Thinking.” The new Hand-Pack™ includes five hands that highlight mistakes often made by poker players due to a lack of forward thinking. All players are guilty of falling into cruise control when hand strength and position appear … Continue reading

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Master the Heads-Up Mind Game with Jonathan Little’s New Hand-Pack


Heads-up play in a poker tournament is the ultimate mind game of deception and control, and the last hurdle to claiming victory and the winners’ payout. Insta Poker coach Jonathan Little‘s newest Hand-Pack™ – available now as an In-App Purchase – aims to teach poker players how to negotiate that final face-to-face showdown and adopt the mindset that will ultimately … Continue reading

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Insta Poker Coach Matt Berkey on Poker Mindset and Hand-Pack Forum


Today, Insta Poker coach Matt Berkey took to his blog to talk about the mindset behind being successful at poker and how the true innovators never stop learning and adapting to the way the game and those who play it have evolved since the “Moneymaker Effect” took poker from backrooms to living rooms. To that end, he discusses his desire … Continue reading

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Insta Poker Strategy Game Reveals How Antonio Esfandiari Won $18.3M


Available today, Insta Poker‘s newest Hand-Pack™ “2012 WSOP $1M BUY-IN: Winning $18.3M” gives poker players the rare chance to get inside the mind of the game’s all-time leading money winner, Antonio Esfandiari, as he coaches them through the hands that won him the 2012 WSOP $1 million buy-in “Big One for One Drop” poker tournament and its historic $18.3 million victory. The … Continue reading

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Insta Poker Coach Dan O’Brien Talks Poker Strategy with Cardplayer TV


In the latest edition of Poker Strategy, Card Player TV caught up with Dan O’Brien, who has recently been involved in doing commentary for final tables of major events around the world, and has also lent his experience to the Insta Poker app, available for iPhone and iPad. O’Brien showed CardPlayer TV the Insta Poker app in action, going over … Continue reading

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More 5-Star App Reviews and Twitter Feedback for Insta Poker


With a new version of the Insta Poker app now in the iOS App Store and Jonathan Little’s new Hand-Pack™ “Winning the Final Table” available for download, the 5-star reviews and Twitter feedback and recommendations have been flowing in giving the app a 4.5 out of 5 stars in the App Store, a rating not easily achieved by any app. … Continue reading

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Antonio Esfandiari To Reveal How He Won $18.3 Million In New “Insta Poker” Strategy Game


Insta Poker Hand-Pack Will Have Antonio Esfandiari Coaching Players Through The Hands That Won Him “The Big One” Poker Tournament Imagine competing against the best poker players in the world in a tournament that cost you $1 Million just for a seat at the table. You made the final table, and as the television cameras roll, the action is on you. On the … Continue reading

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Insta Poker Coaches Live Player to Local Poker Tournament Win


Along with some of the great feedback Insta Poker has been receiving via user comments and 5-Star reviews in the App Store, nothing showcases the unique poker coaching provided by the app like real results gained in live and online poker tournaments. And that is exactly what we saw today when Twitter user @YomamaPVT tweeted out the above picture of … Continue reading

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Digging into Insta Poker Hand-Packs: Jonathan Little’s “Winning the Final Table”


In this series of posts, we’ll take a deeper look at the Hands-Packs™ offered inside the Insta Poker iOS poker strategy app and show you what you can expect to learn from each set of hands. You already learned how to get to the final table with a big stack in Jonathan Little’s first Hand-Pack™ “Fast Tournaments: Reaching the Final … Continue reading

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